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Member's Dues


Company of Stars Camp - Member Dues


The fundamental requirement for membership with Company of Stars Encampment is the annual payment of local dues.  At this time, local dues are $35 a month (which does not include Grand Lodge dues). Payment can be made in one yearly sum of $420, or it can be broken up into installments (e.g. $35 monthly, $105 quarterly, etc.).


How to Pay Dues


Dues to Company of Stars Encampment can be paid in 2 ways:


  1. Paypal. This service allows you to make payments of dues and pledges online. You no longer need to have an account to use PayPal. All you need is a credit card or checking account. It is free for you to use and is very secure and easy to use. If you wish to pay dues, please scroll down and do so.

  2. By Hand. You may give your dues to the Camp Treasurer in person during a Camp business meeting.


“What if I can’t pay local dues for a while?” 

We know that everyone can experience tough times. If you can’t pay dues for a short time, just let the Camp Treasurer know your situation.

If you have any other questions about dues, donations, or initiation fees, contact the Camp Treasurer.

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