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In short, being a member of O.T.O. involves being an initiate (i.e. taking a physical initiation ceremony administered by an officer under charter from O.T.O.) and keeping up with yearly dues.

You can find out more about O.T.O. membership here, and here is a lengthy F.A.Q. on the Minerval Degree.


Being a member of O.T.O. in good standing, however, does not automatically grant membership with Company of Stars Encampment.

The fundamental requirement for membership with the Lodge is the annual payment of local dues. At this time, local dues are $35 a month (which can be paid in one lump sum or in regular installments).

It is important to note that local dues are separate from Grand Lodge dues.

Benefits of Membership

  • The financial benefit is the ability to attend all Camp events (not including fundraisers) without paying entry fees. This includes the Mass, initiations, classes, and similar activities.

  • Discounts on special events, like theatrical productions.

  • Members receive a copy of our publication. 

  • E-Library access to hundred of Esoteric Texts.

  • Ability to schedule Lodge events and use of the temple.

  • Perhaps the most substantial reward is in knowing that local dues help maintain the health of the temple and the ongoing ability for the Lodge to provide services and celebrate our rites.

On being a member of the Company of Stars Encampment

Every member has their own way of expressing themselves and contributing to the community. There is wide variation in available time, skills, interests, and personalities, and we celebrate those differences. With this in mind, we believe there are three fundamental aspects of being a full and meaningful member of Company of Stars Encampment:

1. Regular Payment of Local Dues. 

This is the only strict requirement for local membership. Regular dues payment insures that events like the Gnostic Mass and initiations will continue to happen. It keeps the Lodge running smoothly and is a large part of what it takes to fulfill our common goals.

2. Participation. It is vital to the health of the Lodge for members to attend its events regularly. Although no member is expected to attend all events, a reasonable effort can be made to attend those events that concern the Lodge as a whole, such as the membership meetings, Lodge celebrations, work events for the temple, and fundraisers. It is also important to attend events that support each other, such as ecclesiastical ceremonies and rites of initiation. As one grows in the community, participation can expand to include producing events, helping with the maintenance and improvement of the Temple, and/or becoming an officer.

3. Fraternity. At its core, the Order is a community of brothers and sisters, bound by our initiatory oaths as well as our common goal of developing and establishing a living culture based on Thelemic principles. Former Frater Superior Ramaka X° wrote that advantages of Lodge membership include

“Tolerance, Hospitality, Assistance to each and all to fulfill their Will or true purpose in life; social community and

entertainment, cultural and educational opportunities, and mutual help when adversity makes her appearance.”

To that we can add mutual respect, maintaining the peace of the temple (pax templi), and forthrightness in all dealings.

For a more detailed understanding of what it means to be a member of the Order, we recommend a close reading of "Duty" by Aleister Crowley.

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