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Resolution Center

The United States Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis resolves problems and disputes using the Path of Mediation as its formal process. The local body provides a vital resource in this process, and members who are seeking assistance in resolving conflict with another initiate should call that resource as appropriate.


At the most simple level, you should contact lodge leadership, most specifically the Camp Master, if you feel like there is an issue with another initiate or within the lodge that needs addressed. It is advisable to review the document from U.S.G.L. outlining the path of mediation, which councils beginning with introspection and direct communication with the party with which you have a conflict. That said, members who need assistance with resolving a conflict should not hesitate to contact the Lodge Master.


If disputes cannot be resolved at the local level, Baphomet Chapter Rose Croix provides mediation services to the region of which Company of Stars Encampment is a part.

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